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For the latest Simply NUC Drivers and BIOS, please click the link below:

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    • Antenna Install

      Antenna Install for Porcoolpines Before Starting When working with computers, ensure that you are properly grounded to prevent ESD damage.  Grounding straps or an ESD overcoat will be sufficient.  Tools Needed Philips Fine point tweezers or small ...
    • Customer Support Services

      Customer Support Services If you are experiencing technical challenges with your Simply NUC system, or decide to return the system under our 30-day guarantee, Simply NUC offers four direct support channels, available Monday through Friday from 7AM to ...
    • Simply NUC Drivers and BIOS

      To download the latest approved drivers and BIOS files for your NUC, please click the link below: Simply NUC Download Center
    • 8th Gen USB Lid Install

      8th Gen Lid Install NUC8i5BEK/Dual USB 2.0 Lid Difficulty:Intermediate  Revision 1.0 Preparation: Safety and proper tools will ensure there is no damage to the unit or any parts during the installation of the lid. The tools required for this instal ...
    • Windows License Key Not Activated

      Windows License Key is not activated on my Simply NUC Unit Make sure the NUC unit is connected to a stable internet connection and activate the Windows License Key found on the underside of the Product. Example: A Windows License Key consists of a ...