Intel NUC Fanless Bios Updating/Settings Verification How to

Intel NUC Fanless Bios Updating/Settings Verification How to

Fanless NUC Bios Updating/Settings Verification( DNF, PNF, TNF, LLN CY and vPro and non-vPro)

Why are fanless NUC BIOS updates so important you may be asking? Our fanless devices require certain BIOS settings to be set up after the BIOS(firmware) update has taken place. The reason for this is once the BIOS or firmware updates take place it restores default settings.  I have provided 3 pictures for examples of what should be verified post update in the BIOS. Here are the steps to be taken.

Pre Update

Updating bios requires a USB key of at least 8GB or higher with the correct BIOS pack loaded. Power device on and press F7 repeatedly to enter in BIOS update menu then select the USB key to start.

Update Verification

Power device on and press F2 repeatedly to enter the BIOS menu. The circled number 0073 is the current Bios version and should be maintained to the latest update at all times. This number I circled should be verified pre and post update.  

Settings Verification

When you make it back into the BIOS(F2), if you have verified the version has been updated you're in good shape. Next step, select the advance setting, then cooling and make sure the FANLESS mode is enabled which I circled.

Final Verification

Next and final step of verification is in the Power settings tab. Make sure all power settings are unselected. This is an additional power saving feature the NUC has and should be checked after the BIOS have been updated.

Save And Exit

When these settings have been completed, press F10 to save and exit(select Yes). When the device reboots, enter back into the BIOS and verify all settings are correct in the previous pictures provided.

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